Inside CSUN: interview with a former student, Ysley Daltro, from the course Design Thinking & Innovation

Want to know what it’s like to take a course at California State University, Northridge (CSUN)? We spoke with Ysley Daltro, a student of the Design Thinking & Innovation course, class of January 2020, who told us a little about her experience in California, about the program, and the university.

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How was your experience studying with people of different nationalities? How do you think it helped you personally and professionally?

I have always been very insecure about my skills, and I knew that this experience would demand a lot of me stepping out of my comfort zone and being able to develop, both personally and professionally. I certainly came back with much more confidence and courage to face future challenges. I met amazing people, different cultures, learned curiosities about countries that I’ve always admired and, for sure, every bit will be kept in a special place in my memory.

Which companies did you visit? How was the experience? What subjects did you discuss with the executives about and what did you learn from these conversations?

We went to Disney Company, and I couldn’t feel more fulfilled. Since I was little, I’ve always been a fan of all Disney stories, productions, characters, amusement parks, everything! So, when I heard we were going to visit the headquarters in Burbank, where a lot was happening and being produced, my eyes sparkled! Having the opportunity to talk about topics directly related to the company’s internal management, as well as how it impacts everyone, in addition to meeting Kimberly Hicks (Vice President – Entertainment & Kids Products, Games & Interactive) in person and seeing that it is always worth insisting in our dreams, I will surely never forget that day!

What about the daily routine, how did you organize yourself to study and enjoy your free time? What did you do in those moments?

The day-to day was very busy, but I never felt so good about being exhausted, yet I still managed to do everything I planned! During the week, whenever I returned home, I kept the habit of reviewing the subjects given in the classroom and doing the activities, and on weekends I made trips to cities that I also wanted to visit, such as San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and, of course, also explored Los Angeles’ landscapes, beaches, bars, and restaurants.

How was the CSUN campus? What did you have access to and what were the classrooms and facilities like?

CSUN is just like we see in American movies, that’s exactly how I felt! Every day I saw something new and saw the activities that the campus made available to students, in addition to professors, coordinators, classes, accessibility, materials, rooms, auditoriums, implements, everything was impeccable!

Regarding the course you took, Design Thinking & Innovation, how was the dynamic of the classes, and what challenges were proposed to you?

I chose this course because of the kinship I’ve always had in the area of Design, so I saw the opportunity to learn more about the subject and bring it as knowledge to future projects! Classes were always dynamic, always with theoretical parts, and at the end of them, we put into practice what was taught, through individual and group activities, seminars, projects, extra subjects, so each day was a new learning experience and especially fun!

After taking this course and living this experience, what are the differentials that you believe you have developed in contrast to other professionals in the job market?

Definitely networking, the ability to solve problems alone, being multidisciplinary, analytical and creative vision, teamwork, organization, and fluency in another language.

Ysley, the IBS Americas team thanks you for participating in the interview for our Blog and wishes you success and great achievements in your professional career.


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