What is the best moment to study abroad after graduation?

Travelling abroad to study is a dream that many young people have in college or even after graduation.  

We understand the importance of studying in order to stay relevant in the job market. Undoubtedly, international experience can help a lot in career development. 

But here comes a question: when is the best moment to take this trip? What to study and how to prepare? Read on to find out! In this article we’ll talk about available options as well as their benefits for those who want to have the experience of studying abroad.  

What are the benefits of taking a trip to study abroad? 

There are many advantages of travelling for academic purposes, and here are some of them: 

Improving your language skills 

Probably, the first benefit that comes to your mind when you think about travelling abroad is the possibility of learning and/or improving your foreign language skills. In fact, communication with native speakers helps a lot: constant practice in a natural language environment will definitely improve your speaking. Furthermore, being in contact with people who work and study in the same professional field as you can provide you with a greater chance of boosting your language skills in terms of specific vocabulary used in the corporate world. This, in due course, may help you correctly articulate your ideas in the local language, which is, undoubtedly, an advantage in the labor market. 

Discovering new cultures 

In addition to languages, being in contact with people who live in a completely different reality can broaden your mind and help you learn how to look at things from a different perspective including, of course, professional life. 

Personal experience 

Being out of your comfort zone and learning how to organize yourself, socialize, move around and enjoy every moment of your trip contribute a lot in the maturity process as well as personal growth experience that you can carry throughout your life and apply in different areas later on.  

International networking 

Imagine being able to interact, learn and exchange ideas with people from all over the world! A trip abroad to take an international course guarantees valuable contacts that can be useful in your professional trajectory. 

Professional improvement 

Taking a course abroad also allows you to understand how the processes you are already familiar with work outside the country of your origin. In this way, you can improve your knowledge in the area you already work in inside a country where you are already employed or in a new place where you intend to work in the future.  

Boosting your CV 

International experience can put you ahead of competition. Professionals who studied abroad generally stand out in comparison to others in the job market.  

What to study out there? 

There are several alternatives for those who want to study abroad. You can choose between MBA, Master’s, PhD or short-term courses in your professional or academic area.  

Either for those who want to pursue an academic career or those who want to proceed with their career development in business, there is a wide range of options.  

Consider making a choice taking into account your current situation. For example, if you have a privilege of taking a break from work, investing in an MBA might be an interesting option.  

Now, if you are unable to take a pause at work but would like to proceed with your studies, then short-term courses would be a perfect option to provide you with more training in less time. In this case you can use your vacation time and come back full of new ideas to share with your colleagues and apply in your company! 

This type of studies is also valid for those who want to set up their own business or already have one. Courses related to administration, technology and business, for example, can bring innovative insights about the area in which you operate and even teach you how to manage your own business if you are a newbie.  

Where to go? 

There are countless possibilities of many amazing places to study. When it comes to business, there are popular places like New York and Los Angeles in the US and England and Italy in Europe, for example. 

In addition to the course opportunities, you can plan your full travelling experience with different tours and visits. 

How to prepare for a trip to study abroad? 

A decision to go on such a trip must involve a lot of planning. 

After a thorough research on the best type of course to take according to your personal and professional profile, it is important to look for a reliable agency or an organization that has enough experience to help you with all the proceedings such as providing information on getting your visa, buying tickets, financial tips, leisure advice, emergency planning, accommodation search and preparation for the course.  

Better to be prepared, right?  Read about the course you are going to take, about how the market works in the country of your destination; find out who your professors are and what their academic and professional experience is, surf the Internet and discover places to visit.  

As you might have already realized, taking a trip abroad to study can be an exciting experience that would bring you countless opportunities! IBS Americas has courses in the areas of Communication, Administration and Business for those who seek professional development with a strong international orientation.  

In partnership with renowned universities in the United States and Europe, the courses are conducted by PhD professors, include corporate visits, provide complete pre-class material before the trip and organize communication with your classmates from around the world long before you meet them offline (so you already can start building your global network!). 

In addition, all courses have the Business English module for you to improve your language skills. The courses are certified by both local partner universities and IBS Americas. 

How to get a scholarship? 

You can apply for scholarships of up to 50% through IBS Americas. In order to do so, choose the university you would like to study in, one of the courses and fill out the Application Form. 

Discover our courses available in 2022 and take this opportunity to study abroad and stand out in the job market!