Inside Pearson College London: an interview with a former student Karina Tolardo

You already know all about Pearson College London’s programs, but now it’s time to find out what the daily routine for our students during the programs looks like. This month we interviewed Karina Tolardo, who was our student in January 2020. Check out below:

Which course did you take? How was the first day of the program?

I took the Contemporary Topics in Business Strategy (in the morning), and Business English (in the afternoon). On the first day, I met other students, professors, and I walked a bit around the city. I remember I ended up being late for the classes because of the traffic, hahaha!

What was your routine on college days? And on the weekend?

I stayed at a cousin’s house, in London’s 6th district, so I used to leave the house early to catch the bus and arrive on time… The landscape from the bus window was beatiful. I used to prepare my lunch at home and take it to Pearson, and every day after lunch I would go for a walk around the region looking for places to try new desserts (Pearson is close to some really cool places!). After classes, I would always join the course’s staff to go out and visit new places!

One weekend we went to Geneva, and the other one I visited the Harry Potter studio with friends from the course. I also visited some neighborhoods, fairs, and did some of the walking tours. Oh, and I watched a Cirque du Soleil show!

Why did you choose to study at Pearson College London? What was your favorite thing in college?

I chose this specific course because I thought it would complement my major (Chemical Engineering) and help me to advance in the job market. In College, I thought that the experience with renewed professors and classmates from different backgrounds and perspectives was amazing.

What were the professors and classes like?

I had three professors, one per module. They were great! We discussed a lot about the subjects of the class and we always had some group tasks. The classes were very rich in content, we learned a lot in a short period. It was worth it!

In addition to the course, did you take the opportunity to visit other places in London or Europe? If so, what place did you like the most?

Yes! I visited various places in London! Then I went to Geneva, where I visited the UN and the WTO. I loved London, especially the Covent Garden area (I ended up visiting Neal’s Yard walking around, it was cute!), which is close to Pearson. Besides, there are some really cool museums in the city, most of them for free!

How was the graduation day?

We had classes in the morning and the afternoon was free, which I used to take the last walk in Covent Garden. In the evening there was the graduation ceremony, and then we went out to celebrate.

In the end, what do you think was the most remarkable experience for your professional field?

I decided to change my professional area after the course. Learning from professors with different backgrounds and activities than I had in the past, as well as studying and having classmates from different fields, helped me to understand better what changes I would like to pursue in my professional life.

Thank you for the interview and the records of your international experience, Karina! May you be very successful in your professional life.

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