Step by step: How to get your US visa

For any trip you need to prepare, but for some destinations the bureaucracy is greater. The American visa issuing system came into force in 2012, decreasing costs and waiting queues. Below, we explain in steps this system, for you to get your visa and enjoy your stay in the United States.

Complete the DS-160 form

You can find it on this site. Remember that it must be filled in English with accurate and up-to- date information.

Visa fee

To issue your visa, it is necessary to pay a fee that varies with the type of visa requested. Payment can be made by credit card, cash or bill. With the adjustment in the emission system, this is the only fee to be paid.

Schedule your interview

After confirming your payment, it is time to schedule your interview. You can schedule it by clicking on this link, and remember to have  in hand  the number identified as “our number” of the DS-160 billet and the payment receipt of the MRV fee. The waiting time varies with the location of the interview.

Visa Applicant Service Center (VASC)

Once the interview has been scheduled, you should go to the VASC for fingerprint and photo collection, take your passport and the confirmation page of the DS-160 form.


Attend the scheduled location on the day of the passport interview and the confirmation page with the barcode of the DS-160 form. Many are nervous during this stage, but the most valuable hint is to keep calm and always tell the truth, because the number of brazilians disapproved is getting smaller – nowadays about 4% of requests are denied.

Remember that if you are an IBS student, we offer all the necessary assistance for preparing your trip. We accompany your visa issuance process and offer lodging and feeding tips with the highest cost-benefit.

Now just start the process and ensure your experience in the United States!

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