The advantage of attending short-term executive programs in New York

With the competitiveness of today’s market, an international experience represents a distinguishing differential in your career. At some point you have considered attending an exchange program and, for whatever reason, you sopped. Maybe it’s time for you to reconsider and make this a priority. We do not live anymore in the reality where a graduation, post-graduation etc., means a promotion. It is necessary to chase your goal by any means necessary, to ensure that it is achieved.

Professional credibility

Companies are looking for professionals with innovative ideas, people who are not afraid to tackle new challenges and invest in their future. Attending an international program can illustrate those professional and academic qualities that you hold. An international executive program means much more than enhancing your English skills – you will be able to obtain a more global perspective in your career. IBS-Americas, in partnership with State University of New York, will ensure that, with this certificate course, you will have global validity, which can open several doors in your career.

Outstanding universities globally

Choosing the location of your international program is highly important. Be sure to choose a location with international recognition in academic context. The United States has the highest amount of universities listed in international rankings as one of the 200 best universities in the world. Recently, 23 campuses of State University of New York were named by US News & World Report as the best universities in the country. With one of these universities in your CV, you will automatically increase your credibility.

Influence of another language

Direct contact with another culture and their language, allows you to sharpen and develop your ability to communicate in that language. In New York, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, you will have total immersion in the English language.In this era, knowing how to communicate in English is vital to get a job, and with our immersion courses, you will learn faster than any English course. For those who have already mastered this language, our programs in New York offer a Business English module totally free. This will take you your skills to the next level and learn, relevant, technical expressions in the context of international companies.

Incredible places to visit on weekends

You will have the chance to fully enjoy the weekends during your program! The city is full of activities, with more than 2 thousand cultural institutions and 500 art galleries. Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) deserve to be recognized! For those who likes to buy, cities around New York have electronic and clothes outlets with prices much more accessible. Broadway musicals are responsible to attract several quantities of tourists. People around the world dream to watch plays such as “The Phantom of the Opera”, “The Lion King”, “Cats” and others!

We can’t forget to mention the iconic landscapes and monuments that you have seen in movies! You will have the opportunity to visit Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, etc.

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